Charitable Donations

As we all know, life brings constant change each and every day.  For some of us, those challenges are a tougher than others.

While Alaska itself, The Last Great Frontier, is a wondrous and magnificent state, it’s population and community are quite small.  It wouldn’t be unusual to find ourselves all needing a helping hand at one point or another during our journey in this life.  Over the years we are delighted to have been able to donate back to those within our community for a variety of needs.  Continuously we donate to the Food Pantry of Wasilla as their requests are great here locally in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, needing assistance with all types of items ranging from foods to toiletries.

As you will see below we feel privileged and honored to have been a provider/sponsor to the list of organizations.  If, you feel that Alaskan Events & Catering, LLC may be able to assist you please contact us directly by completing the form listed below.   Please note that due to the high number of requests received, that it is advised that you submit your request approximately six months or up to one year in advance of your anticipated need, fundraiser, sponsored event, etc.

Please note that while we would love to help everyone with their special endeavours, we are not always able to accommodate each and every request.   For more information and to begin the process, please complete the form listed below and post it to us.  Your request will be reviewed by our management team for a further decision. 


Charitable Requests

Download the Charitable Requests Form here.

Note, in compliance with the recent changes and affects of the IRS with respect to charitable donations, the following will apply:

  • Defined amount to be determined and contracted as agreed by both the charitable party and Alaskan Events & Catering, LLC.
  • Payment in full for the upcoming event.Full acknowledgement of the donation to be made readily visible on all pertaining social media sites.
  • Returned cheque to the charitable party within 21 days of the event, directly payable to the organization.
  • Letter of acknowledgement returned to Alaskan Events & Catering, LLC within 21 days of the event with allotted 501(c)3 listed tax identification number and full amount of the donation.