Service Types

New for 2018 – No Service Style

Because our Alaskan brides have been asking for more catering choices, in 2018 we are adding new, No Service options to our top three wedding menus. What is No Service? We provide great food and you take care of the setup, storage, serving, and cleanup. Learn about our new No Service Wedding options here!


Our buffets offer you the opportunity to sample many delicious foods in one sitting and is the most popular type of service for events, world wide.  Perfect for weddings, meetings, parties or family re-unions, etc., this is always a crowd favorite.

Table Service

Table service is a particular style that allows each guest to be served individually.  Please note that it does require lots of staffing to be able to provide this type of service as it requires both back of the house and front of the house staff for that type of presentation.  The labour rates does increase the costs of the event due to the elevated number of kitchen staff and servers for all of the pre-plating and and presentations.

European Service

This particular presentation is extremely popular outside of the US and is not seen much over in America.   This type of service is a unique style of presentation that allows service staff to present and plate to each guest on a personal style.  Please note that staffing for this irequires more logistics than buffet service and needs to be assessed for feasibility based on the venue and the menu that correspond with the event.

Family Style

Family style service consists of providing plated presentations that are brought to the table and guests may help themselves to the meal that is provided.  Staffing for this event is moderate as multiple dishes of foods need to be brought to each table.   Please inquire about this type of service to see if this is a feasible style of presentation for your particular event.

Picnic / Wilderness Resorts / Back Country

Just looking to host a company picnic at a local park?  No worries, we are all equipped for your outdoor event.  Looking at taking a trip out to the wild Alaska wilderness? Don’t forget to bring us along so you can really relax and leave all the meals and preparations to us.

Pick Up Services

At this time, we do not offer pick up of foods for your event other than during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Please stay connected with us to see if we will be offering Thanksgiving dinner for upcoming season!