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New for 2018 – No Service Style

Because our Alaskan brides have been asking for more catering choices, in 2018 we are adding new, No Service options to our top three wedding menus. What is No Service? We provide great food and you take care of the setup, storage, serving, and cleanup.

2018 Wedding Packages

Platinum Wedding Menu

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Gold Wedding Menu

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Silver Wedding Menu

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Compare Styles

The following table will help you better understand the differences between our new No Service Wedding Menus, and our Full Service Menus.

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Why are menu choices, appetizers, and hors d’oeuvres limited in our No Service Menus?

Many of our favorite recipes require very precise storage, preparation, timing and/or presentation to be their very best. We must limit the choices for No Service menus to ensure the best possible results for your event.