Sugar ´n Fire!

Sugar ´n Fire!

Welcome & Thank you!

Well how appropriate for the month of February! If you have sugar, you might end up with a little fire!

Welcome to the blog of Alaskan Events & Catering, LLC! As Alaska’s finest catering company, we offer all types of unique foods specially tailored to your individual event. Whether you’re just beginning to plan the most extraordinary reception for your wedding day or you’re hosting your corporate board of directors or planning a unique and special occasion, our company specialises in creating and tailoring wonderful events suited to every type of function.

Before we delve in any deeper please allow us to thank all of our clients from 2016! 2016 was a challenging year for us but we’re happy to say that we are now moved into our new commissary! (Disclaimer; all right well we’re almost moved in – there are still some finishing touches and a few more bits and pieces and hardware that need to be installed but it’s coming along!!!) The words “Rome wasn’t built in a day” definitely come to mind. So does “good things come to those who wait!”

The Newly Engaged!

Congratulations are in order to many couples who find themselves recently engaged after Santa brought a little love in his bag. For some, that may have included a beautiful new engagement ring. May we suggest a little bubbly and a beautiful toast to all of you!! Here’s to the rest of lives together!

Of course, once the excitement is over and you start pondering about all the how’s, why’s, where’s and how~to’s of planning your wedding day, you may find that the task quickly becomes quite overwhelming and a little daunting. There’s so much to think about and design and choose….

A Million Questions!

Some of the obvious questions become;

Do we plan for this year or next?
What date? Is there a date that special to us?
Where should we hold this event and should it be religious or not?
Goodness, how many people do we invite?
What about our out-of-state guests? Where do they stay and how do we accommodate them?

Do we need a minister?
Where do we hold this reception and what about a rehearsal dinner?
How much does a venue cost?
Do we hire a caterer or do we try to handle this ourselves?
What if we need special rentals because we want to host this at our parents home?

What are the logistics of providing any bar service in Alaska to our guests?
Do we need to order a cake and if so, what are our favourite flavors? Or do we skip cake and have a variety of cupcakes or a sweet bar?

What about transportation service? Do we hire a DJ or have a live band?
Who do we register with?
Good grief, do we need to hire a wedding planner?!?!?!!!!!!!

Arghhhhhhhh!!!! Are you screaming inside your head already?

Take a big deep breath.

It’s all fabulous and easy! Why? Because you’re here, on our site. We have the answers and guess what – this is what we specialise in. All of the above! We are a one stop shoppe and we will incorporate as much or as little of these details for you.

Stop by again soon, we’ll be sharing our recipe for Molten Chocolate Decadence!