Not Easy Being Green

… especially in the great far north!

Back in 2008 Alaska Events & Catering took the initiative to become a more sustainable and greener company. We recycle both on site and off premise catering events.  Our smallest 16-foot trailer is a regular visitor at the Valley Center for Recycling Solutions. We are one of the first catering companies in Alaska that meets or exceeds these standards.

Currently we offer bamboo, sugar cane and Eco- friendly products for your catered events. Please ask us more about how you can participate or contribute to a green or eco- friendly and sustainable event.

Here are a few other initiatives that we have implemented within our operation for sustainability and a greener environment.

  • Strict NO STYROFOAM Policy
  • Recycling of periodicals, paper, cardboard, aluminum & plastic
  • Use of Local & Sustainable produce and seafood
  • Green disposables/recyclables supplied upon request
  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies used
  • Low water, front loading laundry washing system for linens
  • Sensors on monitors and lights when not in use
  • Consolidation of refrigerator space
  • Powering down empty refrigerators during down periods
  • Reducing electrical controls with eco friendly and power off electronics
  • Making a way to a paper-free office system through electronic forms