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About Us

Alaskan Events & Catering, by Executive Chef Kirsten Pedersen, is a full-spectrum catering service in the Anchorage and Mat-Su area.
We offer complete catering services for unique Alaskan weddings including outdoor and destination weddings; social events such as birthday parties and anniversaries; corporate events for grand openings, business promotions & employee appreciations etc.

  • What time of year are you planning your event?
    Traditionally, weather in May and June is better than July and August. If planning an outdoor wedding you are advised to plan on renting tents, just in case the rain opts to ‘drop in’ on your event.
  • Do you prefer a full dinner, buffet style, or a plated presentation with individual guest service?"
    Based on the facility of where the reception is held, some venues are better suited for one particular type of service or another. Banquet style involves less staff and labour than plated service. Please fill out a request, below, so that we may further help you with the planning process!
  • What time of day is your event?
    Early afternoon doesn’t require a full dinner and may be considered for the most cost conscious.
  • Will there be lag time between the ceremony and reception?
    Do you have a large bridal party; will pictures take extra time? Will you need to serve the guests hors d’ oeuvres wile they are waiting for the two of you to arrive from the ceremony? Will alcohol be served? It’s always a great idea to serve some appetizers or hors d’ oeuvres as guests begin to mingle and consume beverages prior to dinner.
  • What type of menu are you looking for?
    Do you prefer beef and seafood or chicken and ham? Would a carved meat such as prime rib be amenable to most of your guests? Or would you prefer a home style type of menu? Are you looking for an elegant atmosphere and eclectic style or are you more laid back and looking for a home style menu? Do you have out -of -town guests looking for great Alaskan Seafood? We always recommend that two entrée choices be served reducing the likelihood of having a guest that is not able to eat a particular item, when planning a buffet service. Please be sure to view our menus to help make a decision on what to serve your guests, however, also note that we are not able to print all of our menus. If you are planning any particular flavours or cuisines to be served, please inquire about other menu possibilities as we cannot list all of them on this site.
  • Is a traditional wedding cake planned?
    Some of the newest trends include deviating from a traditional wedding cake; having brownies, cupcakes or a selection of petit fours assembled and shaped into what appears to be a wedding cake. Miniature desserts with a variety of tastes are becoming quite popular. Fresh fruits, mini tarts and other desserts are also available.
  • Questions we are often asked...
    You happen to have someone in the family that has a whole freezer of fish and would like to serve that at the wedding; how can we accommodate you with that product? For insurance and liability reasons we are not allowed to accept fish or game products that are not supplied through our own approved vendors. This eliminates the unknown possibility of receiving product that was not handled correctly. We are also not available to provide “supplemental or partial” catering services. Some clients would like us to provide the main entrees and accompanying dishes and they wish to provide other components such as hors d’ or appetizers or even the side dishes. This is also not a feasible option as (see above) it exposes our company to a liability that would not be covered and are therefore unable to assist in this manner. Exclusions; alcohol provided and served by the client or a wedding cake/wedding treats/cupcakes etc. from an approved vendor. Thank you for your understanding.



Year after year you consistently prove that fine dining is not always found at a restaurant. Our employees and clients look forward to our events knowing that the food will always be outstanding and this year was no exception. The food, presentation, and professionalism of your staff was beyond exceptional for our firm’s 35th Anniversary Oktoberfest. Everyone who attended was amazed at the creativity and quality of each dish served. We look forward to booking our next event with you and taste more of your delectable dishes!


Kate H.

Manager, Marketing

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