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Welcome to Cater My Own Wedding!


Help us, help you! To determine your eligibility, please answer these 4 short questions.

Eligibility Request Form

If your wedding date is prior to June 1, 2024 email us directly at

2.) How many guests are you plannig will attend the event? Select one

Please Note: Amounts over 50 guests may require professional catering assistance. A reception or event with more than 50 people require a significantly higher expertise. Please give our office a call at 907-746-4181 or email is at

3.) Are you able to follow the recipes fairly easily?

If your answer was NO, please read the following and discontinue submitting this form.


Following directions and a basic understanding of culinary concepts is required for our CaterMyOwnWedding service. Please give us our office a call at 907-746-4181 or email us at

If your answer is YES, please proceed on to the next question.

4.) Do you have the time to devote to learning this new skill and the concepts to learn, along with a trial run, prior to hosting the event? And do you have a great group of family or bridesmaids willing to help you complete this culinary adventure?

If your answer is NO, we will make every effort to make this is easy, and as streamlined as possible for you, there is an element of having to go through a trial run to work out any bugs or difficulties that you may encounter or the unforeseen/unexpected. If you don’t feel you have the adequate time then please give our office a call at 907 7464181, or send us an email to

If your answer is YES, please proceed on to the next section of our form

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